intentional growth

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional" - John Maxwell

My journey into intentional growth began when I started looking at myself differently. I began questioning my long standing beliefs about what I could and could not do, connect with people, be athletic, create a successful business, and be happy no matter what. I had a long standing relationship with depression, was very uncomfortable and awkward talking to people who were not in my immediate circle, had no athletic tendencies whatsoever, and did not believe in my talents and skills to create a business doing what I loved.

I am so blessed to have found a partner and soul mate who is a strong leader with vision, who carried me along with him on the early part of our journey together. He gave me the unconditional love and support as well as the perfect accepting environment to begin to live to my biggest potential.

The first book I read that helped me wake up to the thought of being able to control my emotions and create my life was Awaken the Giant Within, by Tony Robbins. I had just begun running and taking better care of my body, and was a follower of a vegetarian runner with an online blog, No Meat Athlete. The saying "when the student is ready the master will appear" really has proven true to me so many times. Matt, the writer of the blog, happened to occasionally mention this book and this speaker, and I was intrigued. Then he wrote about going to an event with Tony Robbins, and how it changed his life and inspired him to start the blog and change the course of his life. This was good stuff, and just what I was needing at the time. I bought the book, and read all 500+ pages, but what really stuck with me was the section about using different words to describe my emotions.

This was a catalyst to a new way of thinking and feeling. I started defining my feelings as a level up. For example, when I felt bored, I changed that to I am relaxed and unstimulated right now. When I was sad, I thought into it and realized most of the time I was tired, and needed some down time to either nap or veg out. Gradually this became more of a habit, though honestly it never ends. As I became better at redefining my emotions, sure enough, more opportunities to grow would come up. Just when I thought I had conquered one, I would get triggered and fall back into depression or feeling disempowered. I realize now that it is a process.

Any change you want to make has to be ongoing. If you think you can fix it and be done, you will swiftly be shown that this is not the way life works. Life presents us with opportunity after opportunity to react or let go, and the journey towards letting go is the journey to freedom.

I recently heard John Maxwell speak live, and he is a helped me see the value of intentional growth. I set the intention for myself to create 5 daily habits that would leave me no option but to grow and learn more about myself and how to best serve others in this world.
Every day without fail I -
Since making these 5 key things a habit, I have seen tremendous results in my life. I have more focus, more gratitude, more appreciation, and more inspiration than I ever have in the past. I start my day early, I wake up without an alarm between 5 and 6 am, and spend 1-2 hours of quiet time doing these 5 keys for me to a fulfilled life.

Think about this for yourself. What 5 daily habits can you start that will set you on the path to intentional growth?

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