Your effectiveness is directly determined by your leadership ability.

This statement used to leave me shaking. I knew that leadership was something I had to grow into. I had to discover what it meant, and how it was different from what I was doing. I had to see the qualities that strong leaders I knew had, and make it an intention for myself to learn how to develop these in myself. The leaders that were not necessarily business moguls, but simply charismatic individuals who were able to create change, to enlist help, to gather others around a cause. The leaders I admired all shared a level of confidence, a strength of belief, an ability to see things as better than they were, a positive mindset. And faith. Faith in a greater power, faith in their own resilience, and faith that they could create positive change.

There is no limit, no level 10, when you are growing. The only cap to your leadership is when you stop seeing more. I am constantly reminded to see things as how they can be, not how they are right now. In leading my 4 organizations, I am enrolled in life school. My lessons are to grow, to learn, to envision, to dream. The curriculum is sometimes tough, as some of the lessons hurt, but learn I must. I am always working ON our business, working with the people who are making it happen, helping to bring people together who share our values of kindness, gratitude, and growth. Working ON myself, on building my strengths and surrounding myself with people who can cover my weaknesses. It is not easy, but I am a student, and am learning as I go.

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