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In 1997 I was a recently divorced single mother with a 6 month old, a 2 year old with special needs, and a 6 year old.   When I met my husband James, I was swept off my feet with his confident fearless self.  He was  also recently divorced, with an 11 year old daughter. We fell madly in love and we knew early on that there was nothing we couldn't accomplish together.  In spite of being financially broke, we were extremely motivated to open a restaurant and bakery together.  It had been a lifelong dream for both of us.

With the help  of our family, friends, and a lot of grace, we were able to pull this big dream off.  In 1999 we opened our first location.  About a year into it we found out we were expecting our son Jimmy, which would make 5 kids for us.  We spent most of the early years tag teaming the business and kids, working day after day with little time off to build and grow our newborn business.

As we contemplated growing our business to multiple locations, I realized that the only way to continue to grow my business and impact was to continue growing myself personally and as a leader.  This was the beginning of my path of intentional growth.  I started questioning my old ways of doing things, reading about leadership, hiring a coach, going to seminars, listening to speakers, and searching for  the answer the questions I had.  Like...why am I so scared of failing?  How can I lead my team more effectively?  Why am I not fulfilled although I have so much to be grateful for? Is there more than ambition and pushing forward?  When is enough enough?  Why am I really here?

This is my story, the story of how I live my passion, which is to help others along on their journey and to show them what is possible.  I am blessed to have exceeded my dreams, and to be learning to dream new and bigger dreams.  I am by no means done with my growth, I know the best is yet to come.

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Our Story