I am still amazed at how this works. It’s almost like magic, really. This is what I have come to determine. I can manifest stuff. I can change my programming. I can make things happen. I can write my own story. I can change my life. I can make things better.

The clincher is that with some stuff, I need to be patient. Whatever I can imagine is possible, but the WHEN is the hard part. The part that I can’t control. But if I don’t put it out there, either by saying it out loud, writing it down, meditating or praying on it, or just keeping it in my imagination, it may never come into being.

When my kids were younger the most heartbreaking thing was when they were not with me. Looking back I see how much of an incredible blessing it is that their dad wanted to share custody. But at that time I hated it. It was so painful to be apart from them. Now, with the perspective that time brings, I see that it benefitted them as well as me in so many ways. They have grown up knowing that both of their parents, though we were not living together, love them deeply. But during those years I prayed, I cried, I did my best to wish them to be with me all the time.

Eventually I got what I wished, as they got older and moved back in to my home, or into the family business. My dreams came true, but in the timeline that best served the greater good. That’s the key. The I wants need to serve more than just me. My job is to dream, to wish, to desire, then to let go. To work on myself, to continue becoming a better and better version of Denica, until the time comes for the manifestation of my dreams.