When you have a vision of how you want things to be it is a lesson in patience for life to catch up with your imagination. One of my weak points is patience, and I am confronted again and again with the opportunity to realize this. Whether it is dealing with my son’s lost headphone meltdown, waiting for the bids I sent out to come back, or losing those pesky 15 lbs, I am being taught patience.

Anything other than patience is my mind wanting to be somewhere else. So how to reconcile setting goals and wanting things to be better with being present? I make a space. A space for dreaming. For me right now this means writing it down. It has taken different forms in my past. Sometimes it’s a vision board. Sometimes it’s the saved posts on my instagram account. Sometimes it’s travelling or being in nature.

But it is in my DNA to want to change stuff. To work really hard to get it to how I see it, only to begin again. Impatiently practicing patience.