4th grade math

Out of the mouth of babes- or how 4th grade math is showing us the key to counteracting negativity.

I love the absolute synchronicity of life. I was at one of my restaurants and I happened to meet someone who was one of those souls who was speaking my language, mirroring my reality. His 12 year old son told him that if you add 2 negative numbers you get a bigger negative number. The only way to change the negative to a positive was to have a bigger positive number.
(-200)+(-12)=negative 212
200+(-12)= positive 188
Is the secret all around us in plain sight? The way to counteract the negativity is with more positivity. More kindness, more love, more helping. During times of strife or disaster people rush to help out. In the past month have received at least 4 dozen emails about support efforts for the people affected by the recent fires and the hurricanes. It brings out the best in us as human beings when we have a catastrophe. Is it because we fear being in that position ourselves? Is it because that possible reality activates a part of us that is usually muffled because of all of our striving? What if we remember to be our best always, not just in crisis?

What would the world look like if that was reality?