take action

One of the challenges I have had is in taking the information and ideas that I have and turning them into action. It is great to dream and be inspired, but if you don’t speak it and set actionable goals, they can remain forever lost in the loop of your mind.

In this day of distraction and immediate satisfaction, it is so easy to look at the next shiny ball and outside yourself for stimulation. Setting intentional goals and giving yourself a time line for completion will help you reach your goals more quickly, and be able to move on to bigger and more impactful things. Accountability is key.

Think it-it starts with a thought or ideal
Dream it-let it play out in your mind, imagine its journey and success, but don’t get caught up here- this is a seductive place to stay where you can imagine it as being done and never take action
Speak it-say it out loud to someone, ideally many someones
Do it-commit to the first step, repeat, repeat, repeat