How much of my energy has been spent wanting something I do not have? This can be striving towards a goal or wanting something new, or even the craving for something sweet to eat after dinner. That feeling of desire for something other than what I have right now. It has served me well and is the source of most of my ambition and if I am totally truthful of my success in business as well. What I see now is that every desire, craving, goal, ambition, mountain I climb, I am searching for a feeling. All for the feeling that I get when I acquire it.

We are always in search of a feeling, in everything we do. It could be pride, satisfaction, satiety, accomplishment, gratitude, release, joy, delight...there are as many ways to describe what we feel as there are people on this planet! But what we feel after that fades is the LACK of desire. The feeling we are seeking can be achieved by simply making the decision to accept every moment as a divine working of the Universe, here to teach me and for me.

It's like jumping forward to the feeling of already having all we could ever dream or desire. Begin living from the place that you already have what you desire. Act as are a great leader, you have an abundance of resources, you are a creative genius, a great listener, loving and loveable...Stop desiring and start allowing. Stop trying to figure everything out. Listen more and judge less. Accept and allow. Everything is already inside you, just like the oak tree that is already inside the acorn.