letting go

What freedom to surrender and realize that God or the Universe has a plan fo rme that will unfold with or without my interference. It is one thing to know it but it has truly sunk in to my core. I continue to be challenged to let go, especially when it comes to my business and creating an attitude of abundance. I am learning to enjoy reaching the edge of my comfort zone, that sick pit of your gut feeling when something touches the thorn I have been working so hard all my life to protect.

If I can just sit back and notice the feeling, instead of grabbing onto it, it is one step closer to allowing it to pass through me. Emotions and feelings are fleeting. The only true one is love- unconditional love for all beings, the intense love I feel for my children, my love, my dogs, expand that to include all beings, the planet, the Universe. We are all one and the same, the illusion we believe is that we are separate, a dream is all this is- wake up and see the truth, that we are all energy, exchanging back and forth, breathing each other’s breath, experiencing joy and pain of the whole. Be the joy, there is a ripple effect that affects an infinity. You have enough, you will always have enough. Let go of fear – pray, meditate, sing, paint, dance, run…

My fear was that I don’t know how to run my business. My fear was that by letting go of the need to control everything I was not running my business. This is the ego trying to convince me that I, this little me, am in control. Let Go