planting seeds

Weeds start small, and can be plucked out if you catch them when they are still young. I know from my own garden that if I don’t pluck them after the rain when the soil is soft and the weeds are small, they will quickly grow deeper roots and be harder to dig out later. Its always amazing to me how easily I can pull them when the conditions are right. When I wait too long, and the sun has given them the energy to grow and also dried out the dirt so they are anchored more deeply, it requires serious surgery to dig them out. Out must come the shovel, and for sure I better have gloves on if I want to save my manicure. Even if I succeed in removing them, often all that happens is that the tops will break off and the root remains buried beneath the surface, ready to sprout again.

Our subconscious mind is like fertile soil, and if we are not conscious of this then weeds will grow automatically. Weeds in our mind are the negative and fearful thoughts that cause us to feel scared, insecure, not enough, anxious, stressed, sad, unfulfilled, depressed…the list is long. They get planted in our mind no matter what, by judgments other people make on us, information overload from marketers telling us we need this or that to be happy. Look at the ads they have for phamaceuticals! They are all pointing out the imperfections that we may be experiencing with our bodies or our emotions, and telling us that we are not enough and need “a pill” to fix us.

If you plant the garden of your mind with the seeds you want to grow, they can and will drown out the weeds. Maybe not all of them at first, but if you are consistent and diligent with feeding your mind positivity and empowering thoughts and information, soon you will have a garden full of beautiful flowers of every color!

Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a stubborn weed, or negative belief, trying to get through the soil. You may think all is roses and you have finally figured out the secret of a happy, stress free life, and sure enough, one of those stubborn dandelions that broke off the top only will sprout some leaves. This can take you by surprise, in your zen life, all peaches and cream. You may say to yourself -“I thought I already dealt with this?! Why am I getting tested or triggered again?”

Thus is life. Series of ever evolving opportunities to choose to learn and grow from our experiences.
Plant the seeds of love.

* Pray every day and give thanks to God for one more day to be on this planet experiencing all the beauty and variety that we have.
* Do something to enrich your mind- read or listen to something that will inspire you to be your highest self.
* Truly listen when people are talking to you, instead of formulating your reply
* Give- be generous with your time, praise, love, resources
* Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that life is a process, the joy is in the journey
* Be grateful- life is abundant and will give you exactly what you need at the present moment to further your spiritual growth