Try is a word that we don’t use in our family. We have associated the word try with failure to do. The old Yoda adage “Do or do not, there is no try.” I was explaining this thought process to one of my managers today, and was looking for a way to explain to him what I was talking about , because it is a mindset. A way of framing your thoughts so that you are no longer trying, but doing. You are always doing, as a matter of fact. When you call it trying it is just that you have not risen to the level you are able to, or shooting for.

For example, I can say or think I am trying to be a good mother, and there are few who would argue that statement. Instead, I think I am a good mother. I am not perfect, but I always do my best to show my kids I love them and giving them the freedom to be who they want to be.

I am trying to be a better leader becomes I am a great leader. There are many things that make me so, the evidence of it is in the amazing caliber of people that are working in our company. I know that I have strengths, which I am constantly focusing on improving, and weaknesses. I surround myself with people who are strong in areas that I am not. I don’t have to be everything and see everything. This is why I have a team.

I am so grateful that in my love I have found the perfect complement to me. He is a great leader who naturally connects and who has immense vision and forethought.