working class parents

There is no shame in being in the working class. Some parents put their own expectations on their kids to “do better than I did” or to do more. There is nothing wrong with wanting more for your children, I do too. I want them to have more strengths than I have, and I think that truly accepting your self and your children as unique and divine individuals means to value the gifts that you have given them by being a hard worker. There is no shame in raising your children to do what you have done, to make their way by thinking for themselves. To follow their own drummer and not work so hard to please me.

I celebrate their diversity, I love that they don’t ask for my permission or approval. I am in constant practice to Let go when it comes to my children. They are amazing unique, brilliant and beautiful souls. Each one is different in their wants, needs, likes and dislikes, but they all have such real and deep love inside them, and are fiercely loyal to each other and to me.

No matter how I attempt to stay impartial, the love and pride I feel for these young humans is immense, and I cannot fathom how they came to being through me and my love. I am so honored and humbled that they have come into my life, and that I am learning to communicate in different ways with each of them. I have a deep connection with them all and it is sometimes difficult for me to stay neutral when all I want to do is keep them safe.

I know it is no longer my job to do that. My job with them now is to be present for them, to accept them in all of their crazy ups downs sideways and cartwheels while holding a space for them of love and curiosity.

I am here to offer support not solutions.